The Laboratory of Neuronal Plasticity is a part of the Nencki Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw. We were established in 2020 as part of Braincity  - Nencki-EMBL Center of Excellence for Neural Plasticity and Brain Disorders. 

In our research, we aim to understand the molecular and cellular bases of learning and addiction development.  Since 2022 we have been closely collaborating with the Faculty of Physics at Warsaw University. Together, we develop tools for deep brain imaging of neuronal activity.

Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Polish Academy of Sciences 

Nencki Institute is an outstanding research facility focusing on biology, chemistry, computation, and technology areas to apply novel approaches and understand the fundamental nature of biological processes.

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Center of Excellence for Neural Plasticity and Brain Disorders BRAINCITY 

is based on long-term strategic cooperation of the Nencki Institute with EMBL, one of the worldwide leaders in life science research, training, and technology transfer.

 The BRAINCITY aims to advance the understanding of neuronal and synaptic plasticity to combat the most debilitating and costly human disorders.

 For more information check out Braincity website.